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The Outer Wall

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the-outer-wall-4.jpgOne task was to build a wall around the property to provide security for the people living there, and keep livestock contained. Just as in the western world, if things aren’t under lock and key they tend to “walk”!

We purchased a concrete mixer and a block making machine, then using local hired labour, made 5,500 concrete blocks, each weighing 19kg. Using these concrete blocks, Masonry workers, built a wall 8ft high across the top section of the 23 acres of land.

the-outer-wall-6.jpgOnce the block wall section was completed, concrete posts and a chain link fence were installed, so that approximately 10-12 acres are now fully fenced and secure.

We employ an armed security guard who controls the entry and except gates as well as patrolling the land. The reason for him being armed is more a deterrent, and today would have no problems.