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The Church

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the-church-3.jpgWhen we purchased the land, the only structure was the remains of an old coffee factory This was not in a usable condition as a building, but some of the iron and timber was salvaged and used as building materials for the temporary Church building.

This Church building is of very basic construction.  Tin roof, dirt floor, and a few mesh windows for ventilation.  The buildings in Uganda do not have to be built to the same specification of those in most western countries.

The Church is in a semi-rural area, where the main religions for the local people are Muslim with some, Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals. Regardless of faith, the community has been very supportive of the new Church.

The Church is not attached to any particular denomination.  Like many Churches in Africa it is independent, although the Pastors are part of a large gathering of Pentecostal/Evangelical Pastors who hold themselves accountable to each other. Augustine is also part of an oversight group of 12 Senior Pastors.

We have Pastors Augustine and Rosette Wandera overseeing the church.  Their home church is “World Christian Redemption Mission “ in Kareka, near Kampala.

The Church leadership are mature Christians. However the congregation on The Great Big Project land, started from new. Being In a Muslim area, most of the 200+ adults and children attending on a regular basis are ex Muslim.

the-church-1.jpgSunday Service starts from around 9am, with no real official start time.  Praise and worship could last an hour or longer, the children will sing and dance, someone will preach, more singing and then an offering.  The church service can last 3-4 hours, and always includes lots  of praise and worship, as well as singing and dancing.   The joy of the Lord certainly abounds.  It is very different to a western style church.

Most days of the week there is something on at the Church, including, children and adult bible studies, and a children's choir.

The Church is self-sufficient, and finances are held by a Board of Managers. All expenses are paid first and then if there is something over, the Pastors salary may be paid. This is something that is not always guaranteed.