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Living on the Land

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living-on-the-land-5.jpgThere is a family - 2 adults and 2 young girls, who have been living on the land of The Great Big Project ever since it was purchased. The husband acts as a caretaker and gardener, planting and attending to the crops and livestock.  One of the aims of The Great Big Project is for the local people to be self-sufficient.  By having crops and livestock, these provide avenues to generate an income, as well as proved food for those who live on the land.   This helps ensure dependency and is not reliant on outsiders for financial assistance.

living-on-the-land-2.jpgLIVESTOCK:- We purchased 12 pegs, and at last count these had multiplied to 34. The goats have also increased in number, and today we also have chickens, turkeys and one duck.

CROPS  2 acres of corn were planted, and when this was harvested produced 13 bags of 100kg each. The second planting covered 4 acres which has been harvested. Now the crops have seeds which are much more expensive, meaning that when these are harvested and sold, we shall get a much greater return. Fruit trees, sweet potato, and other crops have been planted, plus there is an area where bananas are harvested.