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Our Ugandan project

Came about as a result of Malcolm Sime visit Uganda in 2000 as part of an NZ Mission Team, never thinking he would return. However, there is a superstition that if you throw a stone into the source of the Nile, one day you will return.  Not a believer in superstitions, he threw a stone in, and  prayed that if it was God's will, that he would one day return to Uganda.

Having lost contact, after 10 years Augustine discovered Malcolm via Facebook. Following email communication Augustine asked if he would be a father to him today and speak and was life, as his father had died many years before.

Malcolm returned to Uganda to prepare a report for his church, and while there adopted Augustine in the Christian sense, as his son.   At the same Church Service, is a recognised Ugandan Prophet prophesied that a school, homes for orphans, Church, Bible College, Guest a House and a house for a Pastor that didn't have one, would all be built debt free in the shortest possible time, and people would say, "what kind of God can do that?"

Several weeks after returning, Malcolm sensed God telling him to, "drive the project".  As it was a BIG PROJECT to be driving, it has become known as "The Great Big Project". 

The Money for the project mostly comes from donors in NZ, Australia and USA.  Every dollar given goes in full to Uganda as all the costs associated with fund raising are paid for by Malcolm’s fourth generation family business , E Sime Group Ltd, which today trades as ESG Asia Pacific.  In addition this Company and their Distributors provide 50 cents per carton on some of the products sold.

How can you help?

the-medical-centre-5.jpgThe team are now working on Stage 2, which has included the medical centre that is now open, plus they are currently building a more permanent multi service building that can be used as a Church, while at the same time providing space for other community-based projects.

At present the Trustees are seeking US $22,500 to purchase 4 items of much-needed medical equipment to outfit the new Medical Centre. These are priced from US $2,000 to US $9,500 for each piece of equipment.

Our prayer is that God will be very much a part of what is being done, as funds become available. The Trustees will not spend money that they don’t have, as the plan is to only build and develop progressively, as money is donated.

Receipts are collected for every dollar spent in Uganda, and there are no bribes or backhanders paid. Receipts for tax deductions can be given for any donations made in USA or NZ, and details of this will be passed on to those requesting these. All can be as the sured that 100% of their donation goes to Uganda.