the great BIG project

Our partners

The Great Big Project is proud to be in partnership with the World Christian Redemption Mission (WCRM), ESG Asia Pacific and the GVN Charitable Trust (GVN).

World Christian Redemption Mission (WCRM)

logoWCRM.jpgThe Great Big Project is proud to be in partnership with the WORLD CHRISTIAN REDEMPTION MISSION (WCRM).

WCRM was founded in August 1994 by Pastor Augustine Wandera who had received  an encounter with Jesus Christ way back in January 1981, with a clear vision to go ye in the world and preach the good news of our risen Lord and savior to all nations as it is written in {Mat 18:19-20}.

Augustine Wandera the founder and visionary , of their main church in Kireka – KAMPALA {UGANDA},  has gone on opening several branches. Together with his wife Pastor Rosette Wandera are the Pastors of the first spiritual growing Church found on the new land for “The great big project” in Nakifuma –Mukono (UGANDA)

It has been our prayer all along to see that we affect many with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Both Augustine and Rosette as Trustees on the board are grateful and count it a blessing for what “The Great Big project” {TGBP} has come up with.

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ESG Asia Pacific

logoESG.jpgSince 1923 ESG has grown from a small importing and distribution business into successful multinational organisation focussed on creating value by fulfilling specific customer needs across the professional cleaning, retail and green energy markets.

As an industry leader in the manufacturing and development and of recycled and environmentally preferable systems and programs, ESG shares a passion with our customers for making our planet a better place to live.

This passion has been clearly demonstrated over the past 88 years and is expressed today through our expanding business interests across the Asia Pacific region and also through our clear commitment to helping people in need through programs like The Great Big Project in Uganda.

GVN Charitable Trust

logoGVN.jpgThe Great Big Project is proud to be in partnership with the GVN Charitable Trust (GVN). GVN was launched in December 2000 by Colin Salisbury, its Founder and Executive Director, after spending time volunteering in Ghana, West Africa. While he was there he saw the tremendous difference volunteers could make in helping local organisations achieve their goals. Upon returning to New Zealand he spent some time researching the different volunteer organisations around the world and was amazed at how expensive and limiting many programs were in terms of volunteer opportunities.